The Most Comprehensive MCAT Course To Help You Score A 510+ With Less Stress

Built Based On The Same Study Strategies That Top Medical Students Use To Crush Their Boards

Who's This For?

The TPC MCAT Program is for premed students who only want the highest quality of MCAT preparation. We are looking for students who are serious about scoring 510+ and are willing to put in the required work.

If this sounds like you and you are ONLY interested in MCAT Prep then this is the right program for you.

If you are interested in receiving help throughout the entire admissions process as well, with more 1 on 1 coaching hours, and unlimited application review, then book a call below to see if you qualify to be a TPC ultimate advising student

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What's Included in the TPC MCAT Program?

  • 32 live online classes - focused on question strategy and high-yield content review

  • 180-Day Uworld Subscription

  • 1-year AAMC Online Bundle

  • Anki Deck with 3100+ high yield flashcards

  • Daily assignments to ensure you are doing exactly what you need every day of your prep (flexible schedule)

  • Private Group to ask questions 24/7

  • MCAT Powerbook

  • Over 300+ content videos covering everything on the AAMC content guide

The TPC approach combines the best study methods so that both your self-study prep and live classes are the absolute most effective they can be.

The "Old method" of studying for the MCAT includes wasting tons of time reading and highlighting multiple different textbooks, and barely even doing practice questions until the end of your prep.

Our approach is unique in that we assign you to practice questions from the very beginning, couple this with spaced repetition so you will never forget what you learn, and synthesize that information in a live environment and you have a recipe for success.

Our live schedule will have count downs before each class, and the button become live to join the class 30 min prior to each session.

Our classes are also not long boring lectures that only go over basic content. Rather we will be reviewing both UWORLD and AAMC questions every single week.

We make it simple. Do the assigned questions each day, your Anki cards, and come to class, and you can sleep well you are doing everything you need to crush this exam.

All we ask is you actually commit to doing this!

We make it very black and white with our day-to-day schedule that clearly outlines what needs to be done. If you do it, then you are on the path to scoring 510+.

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This Stuff Actually Gets Results!

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