Helping All Premed Students Successfully Get Into Medical School Regardless of Where They Are In The Process and With Less Stress


The Premed Consultants provides the most comprehensive premed coaching and MCAT Prep in existence.

In our Ultimate Advising Program we guide students every step of the premed process until they get into medical school.....we are not joking we help with everything!

Need help figuring out your timeline?

We got you covered. We will set up a timeline so you have a clear path of everything you need to do until you get into medical school

Need tutoring in your classes?

We will place you with an expert tutor in the subject

Not sure how to study for the MCAT?

You will have access to our premium MCAT program that incorporates evidence-based learning strategies to optimize your prep

Want to ensure you are putting out the best possible application?

We will work with you on your personal statement until it's everything it can be. We will help with your activities, the interviews, your school list, and even what to do when you have multiple acceptances ;)



1. The Premed Consultants Core Curriculum

Countless hours of premed training covering everything from how to learn and deploy active study techniques, extracurriculars to explore, to high yield premed core subject review material


2. Full MCAT Course & Study Schedule

A full MCAT course based on active study techniques and a question based approach. The course provides daily instructions for content review, practice questions / tests, ANKI cards, live review sessions, and everything you need to get the best MCAT score possible.


3. Free Copy of Our MCAT Powerbook

This MCAT Powerbook is a high-yield source for all the content you need to know for the MCAT. Straight-to-the-point MCAT facts and beautiful illustrations to make studying simple and more fun. The era of reading multiple textbooks is over with this all in one textbook that perfectly compliments the included course.


4. 1 on 1 Private & Group Coaching

Countless hours of premed training covering everything from how to learn and deploy active study techniques, extracurriculars to explore, to high yield premed core subject review material


5. TPC Student Progress Dashboard

The TPC student progress dashboard is a central hub to ensure you are staying on pace with premed requirements, catalog extracurriculars and internships while they’re fresh, track your GPAs, and most importantly track your MCAT progress by each section. This will be critical to setting and keeping up with your goals over your journey as a premed.


6. Med School Application, Essay Editing & Interview Prep

In order to optimize your chances of getting into med school, our program prepares you for all of the intricacies of the med school application process. Topics include process overview and timelines, choosing what schools to apply to, MD vs. DO programs, how to write personal statements and secondaries, essay editing by our coaches, mock interviews, and more!


7. TPC Student Community

The Premed Consultants student community is one of the most vital aspects of the Ultimate Advising Program connecting you with students at every stage of the premed process around the country. You will receive access to our private slack channel in which students ask each other questions, share experiences, and provide an additional support system throughout the arduous process that is getting to med school.


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We help premed students at any stage of the process until they get into medical school.


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