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Hey Premeds! My name is Dr. Nessim and I am the founder of The Premed Consultants. I am proud to say that we are one of the fastest-growing premed coaching/MCAT programs on the market and for good reason.

When I left working for one of the "major" test prep companies, my goal was to not bring an innovative solution to MCAT prep but to truly be there for students for the long haul. That means having a program designed to help them every step of the way not just a generic 2 to 3-month MCAT program.

While yes our MCAT program is top-notch and is based on the same strategies top medical students use to study for their board exams (a combination of a question-based approach, active recall, and spaced repetition) we are much more than that.

Not only will you get everything you need to absolutely crush the MCAT, which includes a day-by-day schedule to follow, a full UWORLD question bank, all the AAMC resources, and weekly live instruction which NEVER expires, but we are also there for you both before and after this daunting exam.

You see, one of the biggest issues I saw years ago when teaching these generic test prep classes, is that if a student did not have the right study strategies in place and was already a high achieving student, then they were already set up to fail.

We solved this problem by first designing our program in which you can join as early as freshman year so that you start learning how to properly study and ace your classes early on. However, even if you decide to join our program a little later, the first step we take is working to get those study skills up to speed ASAP. Only then do we dive into all the MCAT content.

And once you get your dream score on the MCAT, well as you probably already know the work is not over. Every year even students with top scores get rejected from medical school. Why you may ask? Because they do not know how to properly tell their story in the personal statement, make the most of their activities section writing, or crush the interview. We help you with all of this when you join the premed consultants.

We are much more than just a MCAT prep course, we truly are a family and I am so proud of all our hard-working students. We even have different subgroups for premeds earlier on, non-traditional students (No you are not too old to go to medical school!), students that are currently in MCAT prep, and students that are currently applying.

You will also get the support of our amazing premed coaches from all across the country at medical schools like Harvard, Yale, Pitt, Brown, or current resident doctors that have been carefully vetted to ensure they are great tutors, teachers, and mentors.

The most common feedback we hear from our students is "I wish I found you guys earlier!"

So whenever you are on your journey it's never too late to join our awesome community! We do require an application as we want to make sure anyone who joins is willing to work hard and contribute positively to our group.

If that's you, then schedule a call below to speak with either me or someone from my team to see if it's a good fit!!​


We help premed students at any stage of the process until they get into medical school.


99 Wall Street, Suite 2355, New York, New York, 10005

(516) 908-8330

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